Merlot 2019

Wine Merlot 2019

Merlot 2019

1 btls.
From 30,00€

Reasons for study:

  • Variety planted in 1996. Curiously enough, it is one of the authorised varieties in Ribera del Duero, despite the difficulties in terms of its adaptation (due to grapevine bleeding and problems with the ripening of the grape skins).


Initial conclusions:

  • At Abadía Retuerta, and only after 25 years of “acclimatisation”, it is now beginning to offer superb balance and more complete ripeness.


Key aspects:

  • As a point of interest, it has gone from being one of the first varieties to be harvested (with a high degree of alcohol and green skins) to being one of the last: it has a more harmonious ripeness, more “phenolic”, with all the qualities of this excellent variety from Bordeaux.

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