Refectorio Restaurant


Refectorio Restaurant

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The restaurant Refectorio, proud holder of a Michelin Star since 2014, works with local produce and suppliers for its gastronomic offering, which is at the forefront of creative contemporary cuisine. It also holds two Repsol Suns.

In 2020, Refectorio was awarded its first Michelin Green Star, symbolised by a five-leaf clover. This prestigious prize has also been conferred to other leading restaurants in Spain, in recognition of their commitment to sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices.

Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine is located right at the heart of the Duero Valley, with great culinary riches to be discovered in the surrounding region. Refectorio’s gastronomic offerings are both coherent and varied, ever striving for excellence.

Open from Wednesday to Saturday for dinner service, and Sundays for lunch service. Our restaurant Refectorio is open to children over 8 years old.

For group reservations please call +34 983 687 600, or email

Michelin Star Michelin Green Star 2 Repsol Suns

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Marc Segarra 

Head Chef at Refectorio

Marc Segarra is the head chef at Refectorio, our flagship restaurant.

Segarra is an ambitious, demanding chef: each season he strives to reinvent himself, to go one step further and give his all, alongside his outstanding team. Today, Segarra’s cuisine can be defined as creativity rooted in the traditional, with a close connection to the land. He champions locally-sourced and seasonal produce, as well as ingredients from our estate’s own vegetable garden.

With this focus on the local lands, Segarra makes use of elements from nature, as well as our winery’s historic and artistic legacy, in order to imbue his creations with a unique, signature style.

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