Abadía Retuerta PDO

Abadía Retuerta, Protected Designation of Origin

A living legacy 

Abadía Retuerta is home to a centuries-old winemaking tradition: vines were planted here by the Premonstratensian monks as early as the 12th century. Now, since May 2022, the estate holds its own Protected Designation of Origin. This prestigious seal of approval, granted by the European Commission and recognised by the European Union, endorses our wine as a product of guaranteed origin, quality and tradition.

The history of our vineyard

The history of our vineyard 

Various documents paint a picture of these lands as an ancient working estate, where monks upheld a deeply-rooted tradition of vine-growing and winemaking, around the Abbey of Santa María de Retuerta…


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The history of our winery

The history of our winery 

In 1988, Sandoz acquired the Abadía Retuerta estate. The new owners saw the enormous and unique potential of this land, so they decided to “revive” the historic vineyard and bring back its rich winemaking tradition, which had been lost since the 1960s…

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Natural conditions

Natural conditions 

Abadía Retuerta is situated in a unique location, at the narrowest part of the Duero Valley. The valley’s slopes are closer together here than in other regions, which means there is a significant drop in temperature at certain points on the estate. Given these conditions, the estate has an uncommon range of very different soil types, which truly enhances the quality of the wines made here…

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Technical knowledge

Technical knowledge 

The vineyards at Abadía Retuerta are looked after by a team of experts, with great care and close attention to detail. All of the 54 different plots, and the surrounding terroir, are managed with an eco-friendly approach. The experts try to intervene as little as possible, while carefully anticipating the vines’ progress and constantly monitoring the climate conditions on site…

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Sustainable practices

Sustainable practices 

In order to conserve our estate and its lands, as well as the quality of the environment, Abadía Retuerta has put in place a Woodland Management Plan. Furthermore, we look after the site’s biodiversity by adhering to the Natura 2000 programme, and we have brought in policies relating to reforestation and optimal waste management…

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