Our Commitment to Art

The Art in Abadía Retuerta

Respecting and enhancing the site’s heritage 

Abadía Retuerta is fully committed to respecting and enhancing the natural and historical legacy of this heritage site. The Abbey of Santa María de Retuerta was founded here in 1146, on the banks of the River Duero, by the Premonstratensian Order. The philosophy of our project, which is built upon the site’s rich heritage, ensures that sustainability is the guiding principle for all our actions.

Preserving the historical legacy 

Restoration works began in May 2008. From the beginning, the project was designed not only as a hotel and winery but also as a place in which to enjoy a unique experience through its artistic and historical legacy. The Italian architect Marco Serra was responsible for this project and he remained faithful to its architectural and philosophical legacy, as well as the original structures of the monastery. He therefore preserved the architectural styles and way in which the Premonstratensian way of life was expressed. Europa Nostra awarded Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage.

Another example is the Museum Garden, which perfectly reflects the peace and tranquillity of the interior, although Rückriem’s sculptures are of an avant-garde-style and contrast with the building’s old stone.

Rumor de Límites V, Eduardo Chillida

The last addition to the art collection is a unique piece sculpted in steel by Eduardo Chillida in 1959. “Rumor de Límites V”is the art work of the San Sebastián artist that can now be enjoyed at the Santa María de Retuerta Abbey, place chosen for its location. A perfect conecction between the space and work.

Experience the Art

Abadía Retuerta is ever becoming a true destination for art. This can be seen in its own architectural sophistication, its unique and magnificent art collection, and the eagerness to share these riches with guests and visitors, such as through the “Experience the Art” offering. Together, they articulate a historical heritage that echoes the existing diverse natural heritage, as also reflected in each and every one of our wines.