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Our superb location and the extensive experience of our professional team ensure that Abadía Retuerta is the ideal venue for unique, unforgettable meetings and events.


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This elegant room combines striking architecture with the latest technology. It is located in a special part of the hotel, and it has an imposing central table. It also has large windows that let in natural light and offer beautiful views of the Abbey’s cloisters and Hostelry Garden.

It is the perfect place for private meetings or lunches, and can seat 20 people.


  • 100″ multimedia screen, UltraFine 4K display
  • Built-in videoconference functions
  • Videoconference camera
  • Studio speakers and multidirectional microphone
  • Barco ClickShare
  • Courtesy premium Wi-Fi (300 MB)

Room 1146 

An ideal space, with natural light and overlooking a sea of vineyards. It has a comprehensive suite of audiovisual equipment, perfect for corporate events.





  • 86″ multimedia screen, with encrypted WiFi connections
  • All-in-one system: no additional kit required
  • Built-in videoconference functions
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Courtesy premium Wi-Fi (300 MB)


A space of resounding beauty, with direct access to the church and next to the entrance hall. The Sacristy has a neoclassical style, with 18th and 19th-century tapestries adorning its walls, alongside a magnificent display of reliquaries and chalices from that same era. It is characterised by the natural light that shines down from above, as well as its imposing ceilings and its solemn, exquisite decoration. It is ideal for exclusive lunches and private dinners.


  • Audiovisual system not included
  • Courtesy premium Wi-Fi (300 MB)


This is the hotel’s flagship restaurant, which can be hired out for group lunch bookings and private dinners. Guests will marvel at the stunning stone walls and vaults, the beautiful natural light and the fresco of The Last Supper, which dates back to 1670. At Refectorio, there are menus for special occasions or, upon request, guests can try a gastronomic tasting menu.


The spaciousness and solemnity of the magnificent 12th-century church, which was completed in 1146, means that the space can be organised in many different ways: it is perfect for the most exclusive corporate events, as well as private lunches and dinners that are bound to exceed all expectations. It has capacity for 180 people.


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