Michelin Star and Green Star restaurant in Valladolid

A Different Gastronomic Experience 

Bursting with originality and creativity. A cuisine that truly echoes the surrounding lands, based on locally-sourced produce, seasonal and grown on-site. A place where wine inspires, defines and enhances the whole gastronomic discourse.

A unique gastronomic experience, for savouring all the flavours of the region.


Proud holder of a Michelin Star, a Green Star, and two Repsol Suns, Refectorio offers classic, impeccable gastronomy that exudes innovation and personality. The restaurant is guided by the what is seasonal, with a particular focus on ingredients from the surrounding area and locally-sourced produce. And, of course, wine is a key inspiration too.

Refectorio’s philosophy is articulated in three menus that echo this local approach.


Vinoteca is a more laid-back and informal place to be. It is located upon La Cueva, the former silo or storeroom that is now home to the winery’s private collection.

Vinoteca’s menu is a celebration of the local produce, ideal for sharing, with over 40 quality wines available to try. An unassuming, light and sophisticated experience.

Calicata Terroir Bar  

A must-visit for all those who love unique experiences.

Calicata Terroir Bar is a special open-air space, surrounded by vineyards and pine trees, where customers can finish off their visit to our winery and estate with a gastronomic menu based on local produce, both from our own vegetable garden and sourced from producers of the region. It is also the perfect spot for trying the estate’s own wines, as well as from other leading producers.

Terrace of the Guesthouse 

The Terrace of the Hospedería, designed like a garden and blending in with the surroundings, is a green space that surrenders to the incomparable views of the Abbey of Santa María de Retuerta. A fabulous open-air terrace where you can enjoy the classic and traditional cuisine of the region and, of course, wonderful signature cocktails. The icing on the cake is the stellar experience, because from this same space guests can observe the imposing sky of the Duero Valley through a telescope.

Cloister Garden 

Over the summer months, the Cloister Garden plays a key role at Abadía Retuerta: it is a place full of history, and Vinoteca takes residence there. Furthermore, breakfast is served outdoors there, to enjoy the fine gastronomy amid the unique architecture and surroundings.

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