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Live a moment of sheer luxury 

Abadía Retuerta is a unique place where time stands still and feelings run high. Here, the past lives on in the present, where centuries of tradition and culture remain intact.

Bedrooms, for a true rest 

A total of 27 double rooms and three suites, located in the monastery’s old hostelry, with striking views of our sea of vineyards. This is a haven, right at the heart of the Duero Valley.

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Our Winery 

With 30 years of history and a winemaking tradition dating back more than eight centuries, Abadía Retuerta finds its essence and raison d’être in its estate wine (the vino de pago appellation in Spanish), which is the wine that most accurately expresses the personality and uniqueness of the terroir.


The monks who founded the abbey were the first to cultivate vines and produce wine. They chose this place on the banks of the Douro River due to its long winemaking tradition. Today, the winery, perfectly integrated into the beautiful surroundings, is one of the most prestigious in the area.

Gastronomy at Abadía Retuerta 

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Unwind at our Santuario Wellness & Spa 

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Live unforgettable experiences 

Abadía Retuerta offers you a myriad of exclusive and unique experiences. They are about simple pleasures, connecting with the land, humble perfection and sheer elegance in every single detail.

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Get to know Abadía Retuerta 


Through this logbook we want to bring you closer to our day to day.

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Terruño Academy 

The Terruño Academy is a pioneering training project that analyzes the term «Terruño» in a precise way.

We know that the terroir is responsible for the profile of a wine… that the soil, the climate, the variety and the human factor are determining factors in the quality of the wines, but… to what extent? Is everything they have told us true?

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Join our Club 

The Craft is a private circle of people with interests in the world of business and leisure. This exclusive club offers unique experiences, tailor-made for members and their enterprises. For more information, you can contact us at clubthecraft@abadia-retuerta.es We will be happy to provide you with the information you need.

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