Vendimia Tardía 2018 0,375L

Vendimia Tardía 2018 0,375L

Wine Vendimia Tardía 2018 0,375L

Vendimia Tardía 2018 0,375L

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Reasons for study:

• This wine is only produced under certain conditions: firstly, there has to be sufficient noble rot after the harvesting (a phenomenon which dehydrates the grape, concentrating the sugars, acidity, aromatic complexity, etc.), and secondly, it requires extremely low temperatures, which are typical in our region during winter. This frosty weather brings about even more concentrated grapes, since they are practically frozen when they reach the winery.

Initial conclusions:

• Extraordinary results. Various barrels are produced, but just one is bottled per year, in order to observe the effects of ageing over time.

Key aspects:

• Internally, we like to call this our “frost wine”. It has been made with a range of different varieties, depending on the vintage. The results have been excellent: it is well-balanced in terms of intensity, acidity and residual sugar.

Tasting Notes

A beautiful amber-like colour, following its long ageing. Its nose recalls candied stone fruits (apricots), figs, orange peel and dried herbs, with a hint of menthol. Delicious on the palate, and viscous in volume. It also has a certain smooth acidity and slight bitterness, which perfectly balances out the sweetness.


The start of the vintage was cold, but it ended with a lot of sunshine which led to good ripening. It was a cold and rainy start to the year, and even until June there were days of low temperatures, rainfall and little sun. These downpours were welcome, following the long dry spell in 2017. The summer itself was not overly hot, but the month of September was the hottest we’ve ever recorded. This was excellent for us, since we were able to make up some of the delay in the vegetative cycle. It was hotter even than August 2008.

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100% Tempranillo