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Managing the vineyards 

The vineyards at Abadía Retuerta are looked after by a team of experts, with great care and attention to detail. All of the 54 different plots, and the surrounding terroir, are managed with an ecological approach.

The expert team try to intervene as little as possible in the vineyards, while also being ready to prevent or contain any possible diseases in the vines. They also constantly study the microclimate, which helps them calculate the optimal moment to harvest the grapes.

Production and Ageing

Production and Ageing 

It’s one of the most crucial, vital moments of the year: the grape harvest.
Following the long-awaited picking of the grapes, plot by plot, the bunches are taken to the sorting table where the experts very carefully select the best ones.

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Winemakers’ Collection

Winemakers’ Collection 

Abadía Retuerta constantly adapts to climate change by introducing new varieties of grape, in a response to the new weather patterns as defined by increased temperatures, irregular rainfall and extreme weather events. The winery produces, in small quantities, wines made…

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Closely guarded

Closely guarded  

Abadía Retuerta’s wines, its pride and joy, are closely guarded underground. They require perfect conservation conditions to ensure good evolution.
The underground wine cellars are kept at a constant temperature of 15˚C, with 65% humidity.

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