Santuario Wellness & Spa

Take care of your well-being in a unique space

Santuario Wellness & SPA in Valladolid

A Santuario  of Wellness 

Let yourself be pampered in a space devoted to wellness, a spa quite unlike any other. Santuario Wellness & Spa was opened in 2015, and it is located underground, in the former stables area, with several light sources that guarantee 80% natural light. It spans over a thousand square metres, with water extracted from a 120-metre deep well. This water is decalcified, and, after undergoing reverse osmosis, it is stored in a 120,000-litre tank. The result is a high-quality drinking water, similar to natural mineral water.

Abadía Retuerta has received multiple accolades for its approach to wellness. Recently, it was named “Best Luxury Historical Spa” in Europe at the latest edition of the World Luxury Spa Awards, held in October 2022. It also won the prizes for Best New Spa & Wellness Property and Best for Wow Factor, at the 2016 Wellness Travel Awards.

Also available to guests are a range of other facilities for wellness, such as the gym and the yoga room.

For security reasons, access to the Sanctuario is restricted to minors under 16 years of age.

World Luxury Spa Award 2022

A Unique Space  

Santuario is a space dedicated to wellness, a haven of relaxation thanks to the healing properties of each of its treatments and experiences. A unique space where you can contemplate the silence and enjoy true peace.

 Discover our facilities
 Discover our facilities

SPA Sommelier  

The “Spa Sommelier” is there to advise guests about thermal treatments, and he designs experiences based on their needs. He can also lead guests in a blind tasting of wines, and try different essential oils.

More information
More information


If you want to disconnect from your day-to-day life, we can offer a unique day of rest and relaxation, based on health and wellbeing, our fundamental pillars.

See all treatments
See all treatments

Enjoy Wellness at Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine   

Experience a whole universe of wellness, and find out about new healthy-living habits. An ongoing learning process of routines that are beneficial for both body and mind, to reach an idyllic state of relaxation and disconnection.

See all wellness experiences
See all wellness experiences

Enjoy Abadía Retuerta 

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