A Unique Space

Design and exclusivity

Much more than a SPA

A Temple of Wellbeing

A space for serenity, where guests are pampered in a spa quite unlike any other. It is located underground, in the former stables area, with several light sources that guarantee 80% natural light. It spans over a thousand square metres, with water extracted from a 120-metre deep well. This water is decalcified, and, after undergoing reverse osmosis, it is stored in a 120,000-litre tank. The result is a high-quality drinking water, similar to natural mineral water.

SPA Suite

Share a special moment in our sophisticated Spa Suite, designed exclusively for the comfort and wellbeing of guests. A space for true privacy and peace. Our Spa Suite has a complete changing room, sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi, aromatherapy showers and a relaxation area with stunning views of our inner garden.

Indoor Pool

Hear the sound of the waterfall, breathe in the aromas of the purifying water, and enjoy the natural light from the skylight. A perfect space for a moment of tranquillity.

Relaxation Room 

A welcoming and bright room, overlooking an interior patio. An ideal place to unwind with a herbal tea or one of our flavoured waters.

Outdoor Pool 

Take a plunge in this pool of sensations, where you can hear birdsong, enjoy the aromas of lavender and grapevines, and contemplate the magnificent 12th-century abbey.

Enjoy Wellness at Abadía Retuerta 

Enjoy Abadía Retuerta