A deeply-rooted winemaking culture

A deeply-rooted winemaking culture

Lands bathed by the Duero 

Abadía Retuerta is proud of its deeply-rooted winemaking culture. The local lands are bathed by the river Duero, which creates unique growing conditions in the vineyards. The estate has a bold vision for the future, ever respecting the pact between nature, cultivation and time.

The revival of a historic winery, bringing back all the excellence of an age-old winemaking tradition, was the unique idea behind Abadía Retuerta. Now, thirty years after it was reborn, the project is still going strong: a team of experts manage the winery, carefully monitoring the vineyards and producing superb wines with local grapes as well as other international varieties. Abadía Retuerta is truly thriving.

Historical Context

Historical Context 

Historians have established that the grapevine originally came from the Middle East. It was brought to Spain by the Romans in the early Christian era, and they planted it all over the north of the peninsula, including the lands…

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The Monastery of Nuestra Señora Santa María de Retuerta

The Monastery of Nuestra Señora Santa María de Retuerta 

In the 11th century, as the power of the Muslim armies was declining, a chapter of history came to an end in the region around the Duero. The lands of Valladolid, which drink from this river, were inhabited again. This repopulation, encouraged by Don Sancho García…

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The evolution of winemaking

The evolution of winemaking 

Until the 17th century, there is no further documentation about the evolution of the crops and the quality/quantity of the wines being produced at the monastery. However, certain existing documents refer to the neighbouring lands, and they hint at the importance…

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A long tradition of winemaking

A long tradition of winemaking 

From the 1960s onwards at Abadía Retuerta (by which point the estate had been taken into private ownership), wine production was further reduced and most of the vineyards were grubbed up in order to concentrate on the production of selected seeds. This process was finalised in the early 1980s, when the last …

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PDO Abadía Retuerta

PDO Abadía Retuerta 

Since early 2022, Abadía Retuerta has had its own Protected Designation of Origin. This seal of approval, granted by the European Union, endorses the estate’s wine as a product of guaranteed origin, quality and tradition.

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