Discover our Syrah most committed, Vendimia Solidaria 2019

A project with soul and added value, which reflects our social commitment

A winery with an age-old tradition

Our wines are the theme of the history of Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine. Produced from the selection of the best grapes of our payments, among our proposal you will find a decided bet for the terroir wines. We are a winery with a philosophy of work that lies in the vinification of payments and the movement of wine exclusively by gravity (an initiative that combines respect for traditional practices of making our product, reducing the environmental impact of the winery) .

Selección Especial

From 26,00 VAT included


LeDomaine White

From 33,00 VAT included


Pago Negralada

From 64,90 VAT included


Pago Valdebellón

From 68,00 VAT included


Pago Garduña

From 75,00 VAT included


Petit Verdot

From 119,90 VAT included


Experience Box

The gift of experience is one of the best. But the gift of an Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine experience is nothing short of luxury. Show your appreciation and affection with moments that will remain in the memory of those who receive your gift.

Historical Vintages

Since 1996, we jealously guard the true jewels of our history -priceless, rare wines- in our Cueva de los Monjes.

Large formats

We have different sizes for your needs. From a magnum with 1.5 litres to a solomon with 18 litres.

Winemaker’s Collection

Discover the private collection of our winemaker Ángel Anocibar, who, to experiment with and learn more about the potential of our estate, experiments with grape varieties and wine-making methods that are unusual for the local area or not used anywhere in Spain.

Experiences to give away

We have a variety of options for surprise gifts: our wines, unique experiences… different gifts with one thing in common: passion for good wine.

Buy your own wine barrel

Discover this unique experience. Buy your own Abadía Retuerta barrel and follow is progress. 

Our products from the estate

Using local raw materials and to delight your palate, we have wine salt, flower honey from our beehive and pine nuts.

Special Offers


Couple romance retreat

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