Stress Management and Personal Wellbeing

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What is this experience about? 

This experience is designed to rebuild team spirit. Guests are invited to reflect on their current state, on the present moment, leaving aside the past and the future to engage with the “here and now”.

The experience


Mindfulness practices

Combined with stress management techniques: restorative yoga, aromatherapy, cardiac coherence, laughter therapy, relaxation techniques and other tools based on coaching.


The aim of the experience

To showcase practical techniques that can be used on a daily basis. Guests will discover, deep within, all they need to reach a state of inner peace, ultimately aiming for a more balanced team dynamic.


Coffee break

There will be a 15-minute break, with healthy coffee break.


85€ / Person

8 - 12 People

* For longer experiences, prices available upon request.

  • Available from March to December.
  • Experience available to guests staying at LeDomaine.
  • Class taught by certified instructor.
  • Subject to availability.
  • Estimated duration: 3 hours*.
  • Cancellation policy: 72 hours.

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