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Wine Pack Colección Suelos

Pack Colección Suelos

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Reasons for study:

  • This is the final line of investigation that we have opened. Here, our aim is to find out how much the soil directly influences the wine. To that end, the soil-type parameter has to be isolated, while the other parameters remain the same.


Initial conclusions:

  • Alluvium: Wines with a strong colour, high aromatic intensity with a predominant flavour of black fruits. It has great structure, potent yet smooth tannins, and is expressive and persistent.
  • Sand: Wines with a strong colour, though slightly less violet-coloured. It does not have quite as much aromatic intensity, since its profile is closer to red fruit than black fruit. It is smooth on the palate before giving way to a coarser tannin, almost dry, yet without losing balance. Essentially, it is a bolder and more direct wine, and sure to improve over time.
  • Clay: The created wines have led to wines with a strong colour, in bold violet hues. It has high aromatic intensity, of great complexity. On the palate it is smooth, with a notable tannin load, yet it is a fine, silky and fruity wine.


Key aspects:

  • All three wines are made with Tempranillo, in three different soils. With great discipline and care, the three Tempranillos are harvested on the same date, from different vineyards on the estate (in the same climate). The winemaking process is the same, with the same fermentation temperature, the same pumping and maceration, and the same devatting date. They are then transferred to used barrels, to try to retain, in its entirety, the soil’s impact on the wine.

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