Godello 2020 0,75L

Godello 2020 0,75L

Godello 2020 0,75L

Godello 2020 0,75L

1 btls.
From 30,00€

Tasting Notes

Godello 2020 has an intense, complex and spiced nose, with hints of white pepper, nutmeg, pineapple and citric fruit, and an underlying aroma of white flowers. Balsamic.It has an unctuous body, and is very pleasant on the palate. It is a refreshing wine, with mineral flavours and a long finish.


The winter rains ensured a good start to the cycle, with ample water reserves in the soil. After a warm spring, sprouting began unusually early, around mid-April. May was warmer than average, with some rainfall in the middle of the month (40 litres/m2), so the vines shot up quickly.The summer was very warm, with some days of extreme heat. However, September was not overly hot, and there was rainfall. This conditioned the make-up of the vintage: from this point onwards, there was a sudden drop in the acidity of the grapes and the alcoholic content did not go up for three weeks.The wines of this vintage have moderate alcohol content, and an average structure.

Additional Information


100% Godello


Storage temperature should not exceed 15ºC.

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