Clima Garnacha 2019

Wine Clima Garnacha 2019

Clima Garnacha 2019

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Reasons for study:

  • This has been a longstanding variety in the Duero Valley, and it was previously mixed with Albillo, for extra acidity. Old Garnacha shoots were brought in from the Navarran hillsides, most of them red, but also some white and “roya” varieties.
  • Long cycle, so it adapts well to the new climate situation.


Initial conclusions:

  • Ten years ago, this variety did not ripen in the Duero Valley’s extreme conditions. Now, the current conditions do allow it, as long as the yields are controlled.
  • To control its vigour and production, leaving grass in the rows is a good way of encouraging competition.
  • This is one of the leading varieties in southern Europe, because it thrives in heat, adapts well to dry climates, and, therefore, is resilient to climate change.


Key aspects:

  • This is a chameleonic variety, which can express, with great versatility, the attributes of the terroir where it grows.

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