Historical Vintages

Wines have been produced at the Abadía Retuerta winery since 1996. After years of dedicated vigilance and experience, we have learned how to attain perfect maturity in our vineyards.

Only the passage of time and in-depth observation of the natural processes have reavealed to us the true potential of this estate, how to get the best out of our vines and how to extract their juice in perfect conditions.

However, despite of our achievements, we are completely aware that our best wines are still to come.

Large Formats

Bottle capacity influences the wine evolutionary process because much higher it is, more favorswine longevity of the wine that contain inside. Interestingly, the name of these special size bottles adopted, in most cases, is the Biblical Kings names: Jeroboam (3 liters), Methuselah (6 liters), Balthazar (12 liters), Solomon (18 liters)...

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