Experience Box Spa Suite for Couples

Moments that last forever

Experience Box Spa Suite for Couples

What is this experience about?

Enjoy maximum privacy and the exclusive facilities of our Spa Suite «Special Selection». This space is the ideal refuge for a special celebration or to enjoy a moment of tranquility.

What does it include? 

total 490€

Enjoy the utmost privacy and the exclusive installations of our “Selección Especial” Spa Suite. This space is the perfect refuge for a special celebration, or for unwinding in peace.

Experience Box Spa Suite for Couples

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Each element of the box has been very carefully selected. It comes with a pot of our estate’s own wine salt, which is crafted on site using the very best raw materials. Also included is a card, for a special personalised message.

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We currently ship to mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands

Experience Box Spa Suite for couples

Terms and Conditions 

  • Experience Boxes are valid until 30 June 2025.
  • The price is for two people. VAT included.
  • Experience Boxes are designed as a gift, for two people to enjoy together.
  • Flexible dates: the Experience Box can be redeemed any time (starting from the month after that of the purchase date). Reservation required.
  • Cannot be combined with other offers.
  • Subject to availability.
  • The services included cannot be exchanged or refunded.


These are some of the most frequently asked questions about Abadía Retuerta’s Experience Boxes.

How do I receive my Experience Box?

How do I redeem my Experience Box?

Can I cancel the Experience Box?

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