Large Formats

Look into our large format bottles of various capacities, from magnums (1.5 liters) to the bigger size of 18 liter bottle, called Salomon

When it comes to large formats, 1.5 litre magnums are vastly popular given that they are dazzling, effective and easy to handle.

With a capacity which is double the size of a standard 0.75l bottle, the wine volume to oxygen ratio is much smaller thus ensuring a slower evolution of its contents.

Magnums therefore are expected to have extra freshness and are the ideal format for collectors.

Large formats are also ideal to create special moments. Uncorking a magnum always involves a special occasion or celebration. If you are looking for a stunning present, magnums are a great choice.

The wine’s fruit is not only better preserved but it also keeps well over a longer period of time thus stretching its youth.