Internal Reporting System (SpeakUp). To access click here or call here.

Why should we speak up about inappropriate conduct?

Because it’s the right thing to do: we should behave with the highest ethical standards. Speaking up is the best way to foster a culture of trust in order to prevent and detect the inappropriate conduct that can damage the reputation and success of both the business and our workers. Such behaviour might constitute possible breaches of EU law, criminal activity or even serious administrative offences.

Examples of this misconduct might include undeclared conflicts of interest, fraud, discrimination or harassment. This is not an exhaustive list, so if in doubt, contact the SpeakUp Office (Culture, Talent and Compliance) or your manager.

Reports can be submitted in writing or verbally. The company has thus made the following communication channels available to its workers:

Furthermore, workers may also report any misconduct to the relevant authorities.

Essential principles of the Internal Reporting System (SpeakUp) 

  1. Obligation to report: as indicated in the company’s Ethical Code, all workers are obliged to report any evident or apparent incidents of misconduct to the SpeakUp Office.
  2. Guarantee of confidentiality: the identity of those who report an incident, or those who are linked and/or implicated in it, will be treated as confidential information.
  3. Effective processing of any communications received, including anonymous ones.
  4. Those who entrust us with their concerns are to be dealt with respect, impartiality, confidentiality and protection against any repercussions.
  5. To investigate, establish the facts and determine the truth with a sense of urgency, respecting and guaranteeing the presumption of innocence and the right to honour.
  6. To guarantee fair and coherent corrective actions.
  7. To give feedback to those who share their concerns with us.

Protection of Personal Data

To find out more about how your data is protected in the context of the Internal Reporting System (SpeakUp), please visit the following link.