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What is this experience about? 

Learn first-hand how the grapes are harvested, the best bunches are selected, the grapes are pressed and the must is tasted. Finally, enjoy a tasting session of three wines: Abadía Retuerta Selección Especial and two exclusive Pago wines.

The harvest.

The importance of the grape harvest

Explanation of the secrets of the harvest. Guests are provided with all the necessary materials for the experience in the field.


Field work

Selection of the plot to be harvested and hand-picking of the grapes by the guests.

Grape treading

The musts

The visitors will tread the grapes in the traditional manner to extract the musts, which will be tasted as they go along.

End of tour

This harvest day will culminate with a guided tasting of Abadía Retuerta Selección Especial and two exclusive Pago wines along with a selection of homemade products from the region served individually.

180€ / person

4+ people

* Saturday and Sunday: subject to availability.

  • Exclusive personalized experience.
  • Private guided tour.
  • Available from Monday to Friday.*
  • Available from September to October.
  • Estimated duration: 2.5 hours.
  • Activity subject to weather conditions.
  • The cheese contains lysozyme (derived from eggs).

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