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What is this experience about? 

A visit to Abadía Retuerta is more than just a winery tour; you’ll be immersed in a very special place: an estate steeped in history, a unique terroir, which has been carefully cherished over the years.

The Estate

Discover our natural heritage and the terroir

Tour our estate in a private vehicle, visit its viewpoints and discover its flora and fauna.

The wine

The force of gravity

Tour of the Preparation Room and the Barrel Room.

The tasting

End of Tour

Guided tasting of three wines: Selección Especial and two exclusive varietal Pago wines.

60€ / Person

1-8 People


+8 People

  • Exclusive and tailor-made experience.
  • Private Guided Tour.
  • Available year-round.
  • Estimated duration: 1.5 hours.
  • Historical tour of the Abbey for customers who are not staying at LeDomaine (check availability)

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