Enjoy one of Europe’s most historic of sports by participating in a bird of prey demonstration within the Estate’s grounds. Falconry is an ancient art, thought to date back to Mesopotamia but which gained prominence among noble families in medieval times. During the display, you will learn both about its history and about the different species of bird, their physiology and their characteristics.


Welcome to our winery, where your guide awaits you to begin the private tour:

  • The demonstration will include a flight display of different birds of prey.
  • You will have a chance to see these rare and powerful birds at close quarters and you will be given a unique insight into the relationship between bird and handler in the pursuit of wild quarry.



  • Activity only available to LeDomaine guests.
  • Maximum groups of 55 people.
  • Estimated duration: 1h 30 min.
  • Location: Hospedería Garden.
  • Activity subject to availability.
  • Previous reservation required.

* Check the cancellation policy at the end of the page.
* We offer a service of translation from Spanish into English. The cost amounts to 120€.


750€ per show

VAT included


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