Health and well-being are two key factors for our guests’ rest. That is why our Spa Santuario offers different treatments depending on what you need at any given time, based on personalisation and excellence in our work.

To make the experience even more enjoyable, they all begin with a tasting of wines and oils by our Spa Sommelier, who recommends the best treatment for our guests according to their tastes. Afterwards and before starting the treatment, a foot-washing ritual is carried out with sea salt from the French island of Noirmoutier. 

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Spa Sommelier Special

La Sélection du Sommelier

At El Santuario we draw our inspiration from the best massage techniques to offer you a blissful and effective massage experience. Based on the Traditional Tibetan Kunye Massage we have created three unique rituals: Selección Especial, Valdebellón y LeDomaine Blanc. Our pairing between wines, oil blends and massage techniques is the perfect combination to offer an exclusive treatment. Allow your Spa Sommelier to guide you and enjoy an unforgettable moment

60 or 90 min

The Spa Sommelier Experience in included in La Selection du Sommelier and in the Spa Sommelier Specials.

La Fusion du Sommelier

Anti-Oxidant body ritual. An invigorating body scrub is followed by a nourishing and anti-aging body mask while you drift away with a wonderfully soothing scalp massage… The naturally anti-oxidant benefits of this treatment will enhance body drainage, maximize hydration, plump and smooth skin to perfection, while nurturing your body in a cloud of well-being – performed with Anne Semonin.

60 or 90 min

La Cuvée Speciale

Pampering pumices massage ritual. Ancient massage technique based on linen poultices, filled with all the goodness of powerful grape seeds. The combination of heat and pressure, along with the effects of the red grape and essential oils, will induce a profound state of physical and mental relaxation, banish tension an ease muscles – performed with Anne Semonin.

90 min

Le Grand Cru

The Ultimate Oenotherapy Experience, an extremely powerful anti-oxidant body journey. This treatment starts with the Abadia Retuerta foot ritual and essential oils, followed by a deep revitalizing body exfoliation and nurturing anti-aging body wrap, concluding with the Abadia Retuerta Ultimate Relaxation Experience – performed with Anne Semonin

120 min

Le Vintage

This energizing grape seed body polish will leave your skin soft, smooth and nourished to perfection. The full force of polyphenols of the skin and seeds of red grape, a power anti-oxidant, are the perfect ingredient for a healthy glowing skin – performed with Anne Semonin.

30 or 60 min


 Ultimate Relaxation Experience

A tailor-made relaxing massage unique to Abadía Retuerta. An extension of the Spa Sommelier concept, this powerful massage combines classic Swedish massage techniques with age-old principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s acupressure. A holistic and complete treatment that works on key energy meridian points to release blocked up energy and relieves muscular tension, thereby inducing a state of deep relaxation.

60 or 90 min

Anti-fatigue back remedy

Tension releasing and restoring back therapy. An exceptional solution designed to alleviate tension stored in the back, neck and shoulders and reduce fatigue. The exquisite combination of heat, minerals and oils begins with a generous application of a self-heating mineral mud mask to release stiffness, strain and stress in the muscles. This is followed by a bespoke massage with blended oils just right for your needs. Both energizing and relaxing, this treatment leaves the whole body with a complete sense of well-being.

60 or 90 min

Deep tissue massage

For specific areas requiring therapeutic results. Highly recommended on a regular basis for those sports and gym enthusiasts before and after sporting activities. Or for those who like a firm and strong massage.

60 or 90 min

Aroma relax

Soothing ritual that combines relaxation massage techniques with aromatherapy. The powerful blend of essential oils togetherwith a soft andsmooth massage will inducecalm andreducestress.

60 min

Indian head massage

Indulge in a state of deep relaxation. This treatment combines both gentle and stimulating techniques on the upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp to improve blood flow and nourish the scalp.

30 or 60 min

Facial journeys

Diamond Experience Life Infusion Ritual by Natura Bissé

The Art of Youth. Unprecedented “Youth Elixir” that provides unparalleled skin rejuvenating effects focused on the science of Skin Age Biomarkers and specific massage techniques. This intensive treatment ensures brighter, firmer, noticeably younger-looking skin. A global skin rejuvenation that restores the youthful definition of the facial contours, improves skin texture and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles in just one session.

90 min

3D Collagen Shock by Natura Bissé

A powerful regenerative and rejuvenating treatment based on a smart combination of three types of collagen with different molecular weights (high, medium and low) that exceptionally increases skin firmness. With an incredible lifting and redensifying effect, this innovative facial improves skin density and minimizes wrinkles and fine lines while preserving optimal moisture. It also incorporates the Active Face Contouring Technique massage that visibly redefines and sculpts your facial contour. This next-generation facial will give you skin that is much firmer, more defined, plump and smooth, skin that looks — and feels! — completely revitalized and better able to defend itself against the effects of time.

75 min

The Cure by Natura Bissé

A true antidote against the ravaging effects of our modern lifestyle on our skin. This deeply cleansing facial includes an innovative enzymatic detox and a steam to open and purify pores, for extraordinarily soft, radiant skin.

60 o 90 min

Precious Pearl Ultra lift by Anne Semonin

This ultimate wrinkle-fighting facial will restore the skin’s lack of firmness and tone leaving your skin and face contours in top condition. This treatment includes a series of comprehensive lifting and drainage massage techniques that are a godsend for those suffering from tight facial muscles and a tired complexion. The perfect remedy for mature lacklustre skin.

90 min

Baby Bliss Pregnancy Facial by Anne Semonin

The hormonal effects on your skin during pregnancy can cause dryness, breakouts, increased pigmentation and a lacklustre complexion. Regain that beautiful skin glow with this rehydrating soothing facial. Using an intensive nourishingoil, specialattentionis paidtorelaxingyour neck, shoulders and scalp.

90 min

Gentleman’s First Choice by Anne Semonin

Detoxifying, purifying, radiance. A treatment created for men’s skin, since stress, the lack of time and daily shaving detract vitality. The combination of natural sea minerals and essential oils with the detoxifying properties of the peel off mask, provide the skin with a clean, hydrated and fresh appearance

75 min

Body Journeys - Natura Bissé & Anne Semonin

 Aroma Salt Fusion by Anne Semonin

A tailor made treatment designed to boost the absorption of minerals through the skin. Warming oil is applied to the body and followed by an exfoliating layer of Aromatic salts. Once scrubbed, the body is wrapped and a deliciously rich, penetrating botanical hair mask is massaged into the scalp for the

60 min

The Diamond Rose Ritual by Natura Bissé

A luxurious and romantic ritual with outstanding restorative effects that provides dramatic results on the skin. A regenerating body treatment that includes diamond dust and reveals extraordinarily renewed and beautiful skin. An exquisite oil is obtained from Damask roses from Morocco, believed to provide extraordinary rejuvenating and relaxing benefits. A delicate exfoliation with a scrub will leave your skin renewed and supple, while a massage and the finishing products will reveal vibrant, silky and supple skin, transporting you through a journey of restoration and well-being in a wonderful atmosphere of roses.

60 or 90 min

Anti-Stress Face & Body Experience by Anne Semonin

A synergy of heat and cold is the essence of this truly exceptional experience combining a relaxing back therapy and anti-ageing facial. The creamy, rich mixture of self-heating clay and algae melts away deepseated tension throughout the back of the body while the feet and legs are massaged. The senses
are further stimulated with an advanced cryotherapy facial, using the Anne Semonin Express Radiance ice cubes infused with powerful ingredients to support the skin at a cellular level, as the whole body experiences a rush of complete well being.

120 min

Citrus Drench by Natura Bissé

Exquisite ritual that revitalizes your skin through all the benefits of Vitamin C. This sophisticated treatment provides comprehensive care that enriches your skin through an extra dose of daily vitamins. Its innovative antioxidant, firming, revitalizing active ingredients leave your skin restored, radiant and even-toned. The end result of this delicious sensory journey is luminous, well-nourished skin that looks spectacular. Its delicious citrus fragrances and rich textures make this treatment an unforgettable experience.

90 min

Cocooning Scrub & Massage Ritual by Anne Semonin

Ultimate Exfoliating experience with Nude Body Scrub with warming elements that create a cocooning sensation. A luxurious blend of sea salts, white sand, pink quartz crystal powder and aromatic oils that actively sweep away dead skin cells, leaving the skin wonderfully soft, silky, detoxified and radiant. This ritual also includes a body wrap and a full body massage to re-awaken your senses

90 min

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