Wine Salt

Purple spice

7,50 VAT included


The origin of this wine salt can be found in the port of Libourne. In the 17th Century this French city was the largest wine trading city in our neighbouring country. During maritime crossings it was discovered that wood was the ideal way to transport wine, also adding aromas and flavours.

Wine was also used to dye another of the most sought after products in olden days. As salt could not be sold in this colour, sailors preferred to give it as a present to the wife of a well-known tavern owner in the port: Valentine Corner, who, in order to make her cooking distinctive, added spices to it. This formula has continued to develop to the present day and was rediscovered by Pascal Delbeck, an oenological consultant at the winery, who now safeguards the recipe of “Valentine’s Rubies”.

Available in 90 gr jars.

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