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Coming of Age

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The accidental discovery of some white grape vines led to more than 20 years of research. As a result of these efforts, our first white wine was born. A terroir wine for aging, it is largely obtained from Sauvignon Blanc, to which we add a hint of Verdejo and a bit of alchemy with other white grape varieties, depending on the characteristics of the vintage year.

Despite the altitude and the fact that we are located in a traditional red grape area, these white varieties have adapted splendidly to our climate. They give us low yields naturally, with small clusters that take advantage of the sunny Pago la Raya and the refraction of its soil made of sand, boulders and pebbles. They guarantee near-perfect ripening every harvest, allowing us to obtain well-structured, balanced and long-lasting wines.

The winemaking method is the one that gave us the best results during many years of observation, with slow fermentation that ends in the barrel, stirring of the lees that lends richness and complexity, and a final resting period of five to seven months in new barrels and ones used by previous vintages.

The result is a surprising, original wine with intensity and character, full-bodied and unctuous with a long, fresh finish. Designed to improve over time, it is a true reflection of the personality of our terroir.

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6 months in French oak barrels

Grape Varieties

30% Verdejo, 70% Sauvignon Blanc


110 barrels that resulted in 30000 bottles and 500 magnums


2018, 2019


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2432:"jancis-17.jpg", "penin-92.jpg"#2431:"robert-parker-wine-advocate-92.jpg", "wine-spectator-92.jpg", "jancis-17.jpg", "penin-92.jpg", "guia-gourmets-94.jpg"

Alcoholic degree

13, 5% vol

Bottle Size

75 cl, Magnum (1.5 L)

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