“La aventura del vino” Book

“La aventura del vino” is much more than a book. It is the first volume of a trilogy intended for children to approach the world of wine. In it, Oldenburg describes in a funny, educational and simple way, the origins of wine as well as the morphology and type of life, the grape varieties, the secrets of winemaking and aging, the ecological importance of culture vine, professions generated by the wine and its economic and cultural value. Artwork, signed by Maria Rubio, enliven the pages of each chapter, each of which ends with a series of fun activities on each topic, to exercise powers of observation.

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“It is important that children know what is wine, what is its history and its importance, although they are not going to drink it. I have three children, the oldest is almost adult and child is only 4 years; I’ve always told tales and stories, which has given me the experience to write this book so that those who read not only learn but also have fun” Federico Oldenburg.

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