Gewürztraminer 2022 0,75L

Gewürztraminer 2022 0,75L

Gewürztraminer 2022 0,75L

Gewürztraminer 2022 0,75L

1 btls.
From 30,00€

Motivos para el estudio:

• Ver cómo se adapta a nuestros suelos y clima.
• Aportar complejidad a nuestro blanco.

Primeras conclusiones:

• Sorprende su complejidad aromática, alejada de los aromas terpénicos más simples. Es muy precoz y funciona bien con la poda tipo Guyot. Además, todo hace indicar que la caliza del suelo le aporta un plus aromático.

Aspectos relevantes: 

• Uva color rosa, que tiene un corto periodo entre envero y madurez.
• Es una variedad muy cultivada en zonas frías como Alsacia, Austria y Alemania, que idealmente se puede adaptar bien a un ciclo corto en número de días como es en el valle del Duero.

Tasting Notes

Perfumed nose, with initial citric aromas (mandarin, bitter orange) and spiced notes (rose pepper, clove). Terpenic (hints of ripe grape and rose petals) and highly floral, with a suggestion of white flowers, violet candy and lilies. On the palate it is vivid, intense and aromatic, with a gentle, pleasing bitterness that gives it great character.


This was the hottest and driest vintage ever, with intense spells of heat from as early as May. The team’s previous experience of years with similar climate characteristics was pivotal when it came to managing the vineyards and making decisions. It is worth highlighting the implementation of sustainable watering practices during the winter ready to be used later on by the sprouting vines over the course of the growing cycle. The vines exhibited surprising behaviour in the plots near the Duero, where they reacted better than in the sunnier plots on the hillside. Rigorous climatology meant that the team were able to pick the ideal moment for harvesting the crops, according to the particular plot and grape variety.

Additional Information


100% Gewürztraminer


Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y León


Storage temperature should not exceed 15ºC.


7 months in French oak barrels


Contains sulphites

Alcoholic degree

14% vol.

Made and bottled by

Abadía Retuerta S.A. Sardón de Duero - Valladolid - Spain. R.E.8.012 - VA

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