Aroma Lab

A fun and unique way of understanding and tasting wine in a perfect Experience for groups: it is all centred on the nose, which will be
challenged with natural aromas of fruit, flowers, spices… Who has the best sense of smell?


Welcome to our winery, where your guide awaits you to begin the private tour:

  • SPOTLIGHT ON THE NOSE: A brief introduction about the importance of the aromas of wine. 
  • THE WINE. THE FORCE OF GRAVITY: Tour of the Preparation Room and our surprising Barrel Rooms. 
  • AROMA LAB: The Aroma Lab experience is an opportunity to discover wine’s different aromas through natural fruit, flowers, spices… We invite you to smell all these fragrances. 
  • CHALLENGING OUR OLFACTORY SYSTEM: After dividing our guests into teams for an aroma competition with the use of blindfolds, we will identify the best wine tasters, who will receive a diploma. 
  • THE TASTING. END OF TOUR: Guided tasting of three Abadía Retuerta wines that demonstrate all the aromatic nuances we have explored during the Experience.



  • Activity limited to groups of at least 8 people
  • Available year-round.
  • Approximate duration: 3 hours
  • Advance bookings only.
  • Please see our cancellation policy .

60€ per person

IVA Incluido

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