Your safe destination is now even safer

CEO Statement

Exclusiveness has always been a priority for our customers, and now  they’re also concerned about safety. That’s why since the start of the  pandemic, we have continuously strived to establish procedures that  provide the greatest guarantee of safety to our guests and employees.  Our environment helps a lot: It’s a privilege to have a 12th century  abbey with just 30 rooms spread across 8,000 m2, surrounded by  700 hectares of vineyards along the Douro River, and enjoying several  outdoor restaurants options. And this is all less than two hours away  from Madrid

Enrique Valero

CEO, Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine

At Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine we understand the need for flexibility when it comes to travel planning and our clients’ future stay in our hotel. Therefore, we have adapted our cancellation policy to the current situation.
Please, feel free to contact our Reservation Department with any questions at or +34 983 68 03 68.

Exclusiveness is even safer

2 hours drive from Madrid

Get here the safest way, in your own car


Exclusive and bespoke service

The customer

All our efforts are focused on the customer experience

Additional measures

We have reinforced our safety and prevention measures


With 30 rooms spread across 8,000 m2 on a 700 ha estate, social distance is guaranteed

Space is luxury


  • More than 8,000 m2 for only 30 rooms.
  • Even when the hotel is fully booked, guests are unlikely to cross each other.
  • A perfectly restored 12th-century abbey with a private art collection.
  • A selection of several restaurant options with outdoor seating or large spaces are available to ensure and even exceed the new physical-distancing measures.

The spacious and majestic Cloister Garden

The large and exclusive LeDomaine swimming pool

Each guestroom at LeDomaine is unique and spacious

Extraordinary and wide-open spaces filled with peace

Exclusive terraces to enjoy a delightful breakfast

Art and fine-dining coexist in a large space

Unique outdoor experiences in an exceptional environment

Abadia Retuerta’s indoor grandeur

Space is luxury


  • A private estate of more than 700 ha including vineyards, hills, pine forest and an organic garden by the Douro River
  • A place to be enjoyed on foot, by bike or on horseback, in the heart of nature and with no pollutionat all.

Unique moments on the banks of the Douro River and in the vineyards

Savor the history and flavors of the land in the organic garden

Discover the essence of the Pago wines

Discover the magnitude and immensity of the estate

Explore and enjoy every corner of the estate

New Safety Measures


• Prevention and health safety training for all employees in order to guarantee excellent service.

• Use of ozone disinfection in Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine facilities.

• Insurance policy including ambulance coverage in case of necessity.

• Availability of an exclusive heliport prepared for health emergency

• Employees’ mandatory use of PPE –Personal Protective Equipment– before they start their workday.

• Limited, contained access of workers in order to prevent overcrowding

• Taking and monitoring employees’ temperature beforethey start the workday.

• Mandatory use of PPE –Personal Protective Equipment– throughout the workday for our collaborators.

• Taking guests’ temperature upon arrival.

• Digitalization of services and actions such as Check-in/ Check-out procedures, restaurant menus and room directories.

• Installation of hand-sanitizer dispensers in common areas.

• Implementation of measures and hygienic protocols to disinfect the stipulated common areas every 60 minutes, specially those frequently handled objects.

• Implementation of specific hygienic measures and use of ozone generators to disinfect, eliminate bacteria and purify the air in common areas and guestrooms.

• Disinfection and special sealing of mobile and remote-control devices and audiovisual equipment.

• Guests will receive a Safe Pack including an FFP2 mask, gloves and hand sanitizer to be used during their hotel stay.

• Replacement of all the guestrooms linens, which will be stored in a specially prepared, closed-off room until their collection for the laundry service.

• Exhaustive measures and hygiene protocols in the bedding, linen storage and dry-cleaning service areas. Linen will be bagged and separated to guarantee hygiene until their use.

• Every equipment and material available to guests will be disinfected with ozone and will be placed in sealed hygienic bags.

• Implementation of a specific protocol in the event of infection.


• Restriction of the number of employees in the kitchen.

• Mandatory use of PPE –Personal Protective Equipment– for all kitchen staff.

• Exclusive, limited access for the reception of goods and material. Elimination of secondary and tertiary packaging and disinfection of packages and packaging.

• Ozone and ultraviolet disinfection of all kitchen utensils, material and equipment used during the service in a specially equipped and closed-off room.


• SPA facilities and services will be available prior reservation.

• Restriction and limitation of SPA hours and capacity.

• Fitting out of the exclusive swimming pool amongst the vineyards and significant space between the lounge chairs.


• Redesign of common areas in order to guarantee the required capacity and physical distance between guests.

• Refectorio: 144 square meters for a maximum capacity of 22 people. 2-meter distance between tables.

• Vinoteca: 79.52 square meters for a maximum capacity of 16 people. 2-meter distance between tables.

• Breakfast can be served in an outdoor space during the summer, weather permitting.

• Dinner can be served in an outdoor space during the summer, weather permitting.

• Capacity reduction in the common areas according to the Spanish Government guidelines reflected in the BOE (Spain’s Official State Gazette).


The same safety and hygiene measures have been adapted for the Unique Experiences area of the winery:

• Adaptation of our Unique Experiences activities in order to guarantee compliance with the safety measures.

• Obligatory use of PPE –Personal Protective Equipment–by our collaborators

• Taking guests’ temperature upon arrival at Visitor Center.

• Customers will receive a Safe Pack, which includes an FFP2 mask, gloves and hand sanitizer before their visit.

• Capacity reduction and restriction for each planned winery visit, following the healthy and safety recommendations.

• Implementation of hygienic measures and disinfection of the equipment used during each winery visit.

• Installation of hand-sanitizer dispensers in common areas.

• Capacity reduction and restriction in the winery shop. Reorganization of spaces to comply with the safety guidelines.

And all of this can be found in an extraordinary environment where history and nature play nowadays a more important role due to their safety value: a unique estate offering an exceptional quality of service.

We strongly hope to welcome you very soon to experience unforgettable moments together!


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