The prestigious French firm has established a unique connection between some of its iconic perfumes, the landscapes and spaces of Abadía Retuerta Le Domaine and the wines produced here.

We had never experienced such a magical tour of Abadía Retuerta Le Domaine as the one orchestrated by the Serge Lutens brand for a group of lucky clients and friends at The Craft, our headquarters in Madrid. It was a mental journey with four well-defined moments, each of them enveloped with inviting aromas, textures and sensations. Ultimately, our sense of smell is closely connected to our emotions and memory.



The gateway: Gris Clair and Pago Valdebellón

A lavender grove welcomes visitors to the abbey with “a promise of emotions and the perception of entering a unique and singular world”. Such feelings of well-being and lightness are also present in the aroma of Gris Clair (wool, dried lavender, rosemary and Tonka bean), a perfume twinned with the Cabernet Sauvignon aromas of Pago de Valdebellón: redcurrant fruit surrounded by pine trees and the aromatic herbs of the forest.

Walking through the vineyard: La Fille de Berlin and Pago Garduña

The red rose bushes that protect the Garduña vineyard are the inspiration for a stroll among the vines and are reminiscent of La Fille de Berlin, the perfume that represents a beautiful woman, but with a thorny and explosive character that is expressed with floral notes of roses, black pepper and pink pepper. These aromas share the expression of Pago Garduña Syrah. A perfect match in the eyes of perfume brand Serge Lutens.

An intimate moment in church: La Religieuse and Pago Negralada

The spiritual depth of Abadía Retuerta is hidden in its cloister and its modest church. Incense, the distinctive aroma of this place, was the inspiration for Serge Lutens when he created La Religieuse, his most spiritual perfume that embodies purity. The obvious companion in the glass is Pago Negralada Tempranillo, Duero’s traditional variety with its trademark red fruit, liquorice and eucalyptus aromas.



Resting in the hotel: L’eau y Le Domaine

The end of the day calls for rest and relaxation with freshly ironed white linen “to wake up to the light wrapped in cleanliness”. For the firm Serge Lutiens, L’eau is the anti-perfume because it evokes both the feeling of cleanliness and the purity of water. The wine that best matches these sensations is the white Le Domaine with its vibrant bouquet of green fruit and citrus, and its fresh and elegant acidity.


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