We look forward to welcoming you back to Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine. As of July 1, the spa will open its doors to hotel guests to freshen up physically and mentally after lockdown. As director Catia Fonseca explains, beyond the safety precautions, wellness therapies that do not require contact are the main attraction.


“We have been focusing on wellness for quite some time now, a field that extends beyond spa services and massages seeks the emotional well-being of body and mind,” says Catia Fonseca. From her point of view, it responds perfectly to the needs of many people after experiencing a sense of confinement, stress or even anxiety during lockdown.


Meditación y nuevos tipos de yoga



Similarly, one of the signature therapies of the spa is meditation and healing with Tibetan bowls. “Meditation can be individual or in groups, in this case with a limited number of people; bowl therapy is always individual,” explains Catia.


The Santuario LeDomaine spa prides itself in providing advice to clients before the treatment. “An instructor carries out a preliminary evaluation to adapt the different sessions and activities to the needs of the clients,” says the director.


And the choices are broadening, also for yoga. “Right now we can offer Laughter Yoga, which is meant to help with relaxation and team building; Water Yoga, which is likely to be done on an individual basis as it requires the use of the pool, and Gin Yoga or Restorative Yoga, a very gentle practice that provides deep relaxation on a physical, mental and emotional level; it is perfect for alleviating fatigue, stress and even depression.”


Another activity that does not require contact is the Natura Bisse masterclass. Focused on beauty and its fundamentals, it explains how to use different products and how to apply them at home.


Amplitud de espacio y seguridad



Keeping your distance is not a problem at Abadía Retuerta. There are 700 hectares of land and 8,000 m² of hotel space with only 30 rooms.  The feeling of spaciousness is also evident in the spa.


“The indoor pool capacity was limited to 30 people before the pandemic, but now we’ve reduced that number down to 50%. There will be 14 users registered by appointment. The outdoor pool, which is exclusively for guests staying at the hotel, is so spacious that distancing is not a problem,” says Catia Fonseca.


Furthermore, anyone seeking complete privacy and peace of mind during treatments can request a private suite. It is one of the spa’s most special services and the best proof of the high-quality standards that were in place even before the pandemic.


The obsession with perfection begins with the quality of the water itself. “We draw water from a well. It is first filtered and descaled and then purified by reverse osmosis. In addition, ozone and an automatic chlorine, pH and temperature control system are used for disinfection. In terms of quality, our pool water is similar to bottled water,” notes the director of Santuario LeDomaine spa.


The search for perfection is also applied in the new protocols for the spa’s standard treatments: “We are extending the time between sessions so that we can thoroughly sanitize all the cabins. We will use more disposable or single use materials, but always bearing in mind our sustainability goals. In addition, each therapist will be assigned to a single booth.”


Even the smallest details have been taken into account to make the stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible.




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