Are you looking for something genuinely special to do over the following weeks? At Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine we offer a variety of activities, but we focus on three for visitors to enjoy our estate at different occasions and situations, all of them in close contact with nature.

 Two of the activities we recommend (the “star” experience and the one on the vegetable garden) are only available to guests staying at the hotel (another excellent reason to enjoy a few relaxing days at Abadía Retuerta), while the grape harvest activity is open to everyone. Naturally, we have adapted the capacity to the current situation and have taken all the necessary safety measures.



The sky above Abadía Retuerta

A major advantage of being surrounded by nature is the absence of light pollution so the setting is perfect to contemplate the stars. Not surprisingly, LeDomaine is certified as a Starlight Hotel.

The starry experience starts with a private visit to the Hospice Garden and continues with a leisurely stroll through the stars gazing at the Milky Way. The stars are observed through a modern telescope placed in front of the Romanesque apse of the church -a setting that undoubtedly calls for contemplation and meditation.

This luxury experience is only available to guests staying in the hotel. In the present circumstances, it is carried out with all the necessary protection measures: in reduced groups to guarantee the safety distance while the telescope is disinfected after each use.

The first summer session is scheduled for August 12, which is precisely one of the days when the meteor shower reaches its peak.  Click here to find out the rest of the scheduled dates. It is important to book in advance.



Becoming a grape picker for a day

Living the harvest up close means participating in the most important moment for any producer. It is also the busiest time of the year. It’s all buzz and excitement -feeling that you are part of all this energy can be really exciting. Furthermore, there is nothing like experiencing things first-hand to have them etched in your memory with greater intensity.

We will be waiting for you during September and October to transform you into grape harvesters for a day. Equipped with all the necessary farming gear, the aim is to discover the secrets of the harvest. You will learn how to pick and cut the bunches and then follow their journey to the winery to tread the grapes in the traditional way (this a tactile experience that practically everyone finds fascinating) and taste the resulting musts. The day ends with a tasting of our Abadía Retuerta Selección Especial flagship red accompanied with locally made products served individually.



Discovering the vegetable garden

One of our proudest achievements at Abadía Retuerta is the recovery of the monks’ garden. This once very important element in the life of the abbey is a symbol of continuity and proximity, as its products are cooked in a variety of ways in our restaurants.

The experience that we recommend to our guests is a tour of the different areas of the vegetable garden including, among others, dedicated sections for vegetables, aromatic plants, flowers or red fruits. We then pick a few vegetables that we can enjoy immediately after, transformed into some of our chef’s delicious dishes and paired with one of the house wines. You cannot source your food any closer!


Ángel Anocíbar, up close and personal
Wine-inspired cocktails at the Pool Bar