We present in images the “making of” of our Vendimia Solidaria, the wine we have been producing since 2014 to help people or groups at risk of social exclusion. It is the youngest, most approachable and fruity of all the wines we make at Abadía Retuerta.

The 2018 vintage. It’s harvest time. The aim is to choose the best bunches and place them in boxes in an orderly fashion. It’s a team effort. Scissors in hand, the workers go among the rows of vines and cut juicy bunches of perfectly ripe grapes. It’s an early morning start to make the most of the cooler hours of the day and ensure that the grapes arrive at the winery as fresh as possible.


vendimia solidaria


There is an important change this year. Instead of Tempranillo, the dominant variety in our estate, we sought a new approach and decided to pick Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, all from the Abades plot. This vineyard, located in the lower part of the estate near the abbey, guarantees perfectly ripened grapes.


Cabernet Sauvignon, vendimia solidaria


In the 2018 vintage, our charity wine was incorporated into the Tierra Viva Catering programme of Fundación Juan Soñador. It seeks to provide work opportunities for young people at risk of exclusion through education, work activities, internships and recruitment. Many of them helped to pick the grapes and followed their progress into the winery.

Second stage: the sorting table. Leaves that have slipped into the boxes must be removed as well as any bunches or parts of bunches that might bring negative qualities to the wine, such as green or overripe grapes. It is known that virtue lies at a midpoint between the extremes.

The wine is made following a purposefully natural and traditional method. We call it carbonic maceration because clusters enter the tank whole and fermentation begins with the weight of the grapes whose grains are broken at the bottom. However, as most of the grapes remain intact, the transformation of the sugars occurs inside the berries themselves.


Vendimia solidaria


The result: floral aromas, violet, liquorice and redcurrant, which is a trademark of Cabernet Sauvignon wines —the most primal and fruity version of this variety which is bottled for a good cause.

The funds raised from the sale of the 1,176 bottles of Vendimia Solidaria 2018 will be invested in marketing, rebranding and purchasing various items and tools for the Tierra Viva Catering programme.

This new vintage will be availble soon.


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