The harvest is under way in many Spanish regions, but the continental climate of the Duero dictates that ours will have to wait until late September. If you have no plans for those dates, we recommend a unique experience to enjoy with family or friends.  Harvest time is a specially attractive time of the year to visit the vineyards.

There are various reasons for this. The first is the temperature: at this time of the year we don’t have to endure the extreme heat of summer so being outdoors is much more enjoyable. The second is the landscape: the vines still have plenty of leaves, but the arrival of autumn turns their colour into different shades of green. Tempranillo is well-known for the reddish tone of its leaves during this season.

And the third and most important: the hustle and bustle in the vineyards and the winery. Perfectly organised groups of grape pickers who collect the bunches methodically, row by row; small tractors going to and fro, loading and unloading harvest boxes; and a super vigilant team on the selection table to ensure that only grapes with the required standards pass through…

Abadía Retuerta gives wine aficionados the opportunity to take part in this special moment, letting them experience a traditional harvest in its Duero vineyards.

Harvesting, treading and tasting

In order to become a grape picker for a day, you have to arrive with comfortable clothes and plenty of energy. We will provide you with all the necessary equipment. Afterwards, you will be taken to one of our vineyards (one with grapes at their peak of ripeness on the day of your visit) where you will learn all the secrets of cutting grapes like an expert. We will assign you some vines and you will have to carefully place the bunches in our harvest boxes. One tip: avoid filling them to the brim —it is best to leave some room to stack the boxes without damaging the grapes.

The second part is usually the most fun for our visitors. It’s time to pour the fruits of your work onto a press and stomp the grapes in the traditional way. Breaking grains with one’s feet is an experience that everyone remembers with special intensity.

You will also be able to taste the must that you have painstakingly extracted during the treading. First-timers are always surprised by its intense sweetness. During fermentation, yeasts transform all that sugar into alcohol.

Lastly, participants take a leap in time to enjoy a perfectly matured and polished glass of Abadía Retuerta Selección Especial and a welcome snack after all the hard work.

We look forward to seeing you during the harvest at Abadía Retuerta. All you need to do is assemble a group of at least eight people. Get together with some family and friends and book your visit on our website.



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