Natura Bissé, one of our trusted brands at Santuario spa, chose Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine to present one of its most exclusive treatments. Four renowned women enjoyed The Mindful Touch experience in the midst of our outstanding property.

The pine trees and vineyards of the surrounding landscape together with the solemnity of the stones and spirituality of the abbey are the perfect setting to focus on health and wellbeing techniques.

Influencers en ARLD

Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine and Belén Canalejo at our vineyards.

Influencers Patricia Sañes (Cool Hunter Diary), Belén Canalejo (Balamoda), Jessie Chanes (Seams for a Desire) and stylist and fashion consultant Zina Charkoplia (FashionVibe) joined the experience. Their exceptional guide was none other than psychologist, teacher and mindfulness expert Alejandra Vallejo Nágera.

Alejandra Vallejo Nájera

Alejandra Vallejo Nájera, mindfulness expert.

Belén Canalejo, Alejandra Vallejo Nájera, Patricia Sañes, Jessie Chanes y Zina Charkoplia.

Under her guidance, our guests did a series of exercises to learn breathing awareness after a very early Chi Kung session in the abbey’s church. Undoubtedly, an excepcional place to practice this ancient Chinese technique combining mind, respiration and physical exercise.

Treatments at Santuario spa

The Mindful Touch concept fits in perfectly with this experience as it brings mindfulness into the treatment cabin for the first time helping to restore internal balance and working on this practice whilst enjoying the treatment of choice. In fact, all Natura Bissé treatments can be complemented with this protocol in the spa.Spa Sommelier

Natura Bisse

Our influencers opted for the 3D Collagen shock face ritual, a powerful anti-aging, regenerative therapy. Combining three types of collagen, it notably increases firmness and adds a lifting effect. While they enjoyed the treatment, our guests wore virtual reality glasses to experience the new Mindful Touch video and audio.


The pleasures of Abadía Retuerta

Dining at restaurant Refectorio after the treatment was one of the most special moments of the entire experience thanks to the inspiring cuisine of chef Marc Segarra and the atmosphere of simplicity and solemnity that emanates from this dining room, the same that the monks used in the old days.


The estate wines were of course present, as were the vineyards, which our guests visited onboard a jeep across the 200 hectares of vines grown in the estate.

But the best news is that there is no need to be a renowned influencer to enjoy this treatment nor the wealth of pleasures offered at Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine. Our spa, restaurants and experiencies await those of you who decide to visit us in the Duero.

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