There’s no better present for a wine lover than having the chance to try new wines or experiences usually outside their reach. At Abadía Retuerta, we have compiled six unforgettable and jaw-dropping gifts for Christmas.

Wine can make a truly great present. Ultimately, a present is not only a means of making someone happy but also a way to remember that person who made the effort to find a really special item for someone else. These are six unforgettable gift ideas that we have selected for you at Abadía Retuerta.

Messages in a bottle. Personalised labels have traditionally been reserved for businesses or corporations with the means to purchase a relatively high number of bottles. This Christmas, Abadía Retuerta offers personalised gift cases to anyone who is interested; cases may include just one bottle or be combined with some of the products made in our estate. There are eight different options —all of them may include a sticker or personalised label with a sentence, logo or symbol (after all, we live in the era of emoticons). We are sure it won’t be hard to come up with the perfect message to keep this bottle as a lovely souvenir once its contents have been enjoyed. Available from €30

Abadía Retuerta’s top scoring wine of the year. It is the perfect gift for wine nerds —those who seek different and special bottles but also value critics’ scores. Abadía Retuerta PV is our rarest wine as it is made in tiny amounts with Petit Verdot, an unusual grape variety with great power and energy. Our winemaker Ángel Anocíbar reckons that the 2015 vintage, which has just been released, is the best in the history of Abadía Retuerta. It has been awarded 99 points by Spanish guide Guía Gourmets. €119.90.

Petit verdot 2015

Our estate’s top experience. These days, most wine lovers want more than just tasting wines. They enjoy travelling to wine regions, visiting bodegas and seeing the vineyards where their favourite wines are born. Of all the “unique experiences” offered in Abadía Retuerta, our winemaker’s immersion is undoubtedly the most suitable for wine lovers as they are able to enjoy an in-depth and diverse tour of our estate. The programme includes a tour of the abbey, a 4×4 route through the most singular places and vineyards in the estate with a stop for a pleasant snack on the vineyard (accompanied with wine, of course!), a tour of the winery with a chance to taste directly from the barrel and a tasting of the entire range of wines to finish off the day. This is as close as you may get to experience a professional visit by a famous wine critic. €100 per person.

An unforgettable vertical tasting. If you happen to have friends or family who love Abadía Retuerta Selección Especial, they may go nuts with our 25th Anniversary Limited Edition. This superb case includes three very special vintages: 1996, the first in the market (featuring the old label with the angels inspired on the frescoes in the abbey); 2001, which was named the World’s Best Red at the IWC competition in London; and 2011, which was awarded 94 points by The Wine Spectator and catapulted the wine to this US publication’s influential Top 100 List. €150.

Vertical tasting

Enjoy a meal in a Michelin-starred restaurant. Few bodegas in Spain or indeed the world have Michelin-starred restaurants; even fewer of them are located in an 11th century abbey with a dining room used by the monks in those days. A dinner for two in our one-Michelin starred restaurant El Refectorio, where diners may enjoy the wines of the house that are not sold anywhere else, is a really splendid and original present. €280

Large formats to surprise a wine-loving friend or relative. If they are given bottles on a regular basis and you want yours to stand out above the others, go for a large format magnum. Wines evolve at a slower pace in a 1.5-litre bottle, the perfect collector’s format. We suggest Abadía Retuerta Pago Negralada 2015 Magnum (€143), one of our most iconic reds and the finest expression of our Tempranillo. There are many more wines and sizes like our three-litre bottle —a little harder to serve but bound to surprise any guest.

special formats

Diving in the past
Three plans for Christmas

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