Officially Abadía Retuerta produces only one white wine —one which makes us particularly proud. But backstage, the experimental creations of Ángel Anocíbar, our winemaker, also include new wines. This summer we encourage you to try the GW 2018 from the Winemaker’s Collection series.

GW is the abbreviation for Gewürztraminer, a white variety whose name is as difficult to pronounce as it is easy to recognize in the wines made with this grape. Its intense aroma never goes unnoticed. In its youth it is an explosion of floral and herbal notes; but as it develops in the bottle, spicy and honeyed notes appear too.

The grape. Gewürztraminer is a traditional variety from Central Europe. It is widely grown in Alsace (France), but it is also found in Mosel, Pfalz, Baden (Germany) and northern Italy. It is believed to be a mutation of Savagnin Rosé and, in fact, its berries have a trademark pink colour making them very easy to be identified in the vineyard. In Spain, the region where it has adapted best is Somontano, in Huesca, but nowadays it is also present in the Abadía Retuerta estate, near the Duero river.

Gewurztraminer variety

Abadía Retuerta GW. Gewüztraminer was planted in one of the highest plots on the property alongside some Riesling vines, another Central European variety which is well adapted to cool climates. Called Plaza de Toros, the vineyard lies on limestone soils at an elevation of 810 metres. Gewürztraminer is the first variety to be harvested at Abadía Retuerta.


Interestingly, Ángel Anocíbar had at first planned to make a sweet Gewüztraminer wine but the quality of the dry wines in his experiments encouraged him to include the GW into the Winemaker’s Collection range. It is officially our “secret white”.

How it is made. Gewürztraminer grapes are usually fermented with the few Riesling bunches we grow on the same plot, but in the 2017 vintage the blend included some Sauvignon Blanc and resulted in a wine with a lower alcohol content. In certain harvests —such as 2013— a small part of Gewürztraminer was blended in LeDomaine to add complexity.

What’s special about GW 2018. Bearing in mind that the Winemaker’s Collection range is always open to experimentation, Ángel Anocíbar played with a short maceration of the skins in this vintage to extract even more aromas, but also to add some volume, complexity and persistence to the wine. If you take a good look at the glass, you will see that this process has resulted in beautiful pinkish hues in the wine.

Gewurztraminer 2018

There are many good reasons to uncork a bottle of Abadía Retuerta GW 2018 this summer!

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