The 21st century is the time of abbreviations and economy of language. Our favorite acronym is CSR, which means Corporate Social Responsibility, a business practice that no company can afford to ignore these days. What is Abadía Retuerta doing to build a better world?

Last week we wrote about Vendimia Solidaria, the wine that helps us raise funds every year for non-profit organizations. It is a gesture that we like to share and a message that may reach many places in the form of a bottle of wine.

But there are many other discreet and even humble actions that are tremendously important, especially if we succeed in creating everyday routines that are progressively extended to other areas.

Although the following initiatives may seem somewhat random, there is plenty of scope for action. And some of you could even apply them at home or in your daily life. Here are some of the most important milestones of our CSR 2018 report (click here to read the full document).

Fewer and fewer plastics. We have replaced plastic bottles that were handed out to tourists visiting the winery with Tetra Pak bottles.

Recycled paper. We use it for almost everything: in our office stationery, with a few exceptions, as well as in the napkins provided to tourists visiting the winery.

Energy saving. We have managed to reduce total energy consumption in the hotel by 2.4% and electricity by 11%; in the winery these reductions represent 1.5% and 8% respectively, while diesel consumption has also been reduced by 12%.

Solar panels. In 2018, the installation of a photovoltaic solar panel was assessed and approved. This project is currently underway and will be completed in 2020.

Water is our most precious asset. We have installed two sensors for irrigation optimization and two probes at depths of 12 meters —both of them will allow us to monitor changes in the estate’s groundwater level. More importantly, we achieved overall water savings of 35% in 2018.

We preserve biodiversity. We are particularly proud of having created a mycological preserve to protect and control fungi production.

Digital transformation. Designed to be completed by 2020, the digital transformation process began in 2018 and comprises various issues, such as the integration of the hotel and winery websites, finished a while ago, the optimisation of our digital marketing strategy, the company’s internal processes that are critical for  business, financial management or the creation of leadership and talent management models in compliance with corporate culture.

We want to work with responsible companies. That’s why in our “Supplier Registration Form” we ask companies whether they have an environmental management system or a corporate social responsibility programme.

Carbon footprint. We have been calculating our carbon footprint both at the hotel and at the winery since 2016. It is an excellent source of information to implement strategies to gradually reduce our environmental impact.

And there is much more like the eco-workshops we organise for children. This is unstoppable!

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