Working from home when the children are around is not easy. Keeping them amused can be a real challenge. And so is getting them involved in activities that attract their attention. But the great advantage of cooking as a family is that there is a reward – we always end up eating what we have prepared!  It’s too tempting to resist.

The adults have to draw up a game plan and distribute the tasks based on the age of each child, so that everyone can get involved and do their bit.

We have chosen a totally reliable dish that no child will be able to refuse. It is, of course, pizza. Besides, the ingredients can be customized to suit whatever you have in the fridge or your personal tastes. And the same goes for allergies or if a family member must follow a gluten-free diet -all you have to do is adapt the recipe with a suitable flour for each case.



Below is the recipe of our Michelin-starred chef Marc Segarra, who had the opportunity to make it at home with his son -both thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Before you start, take into account his expert advice: Dough is the most important thing when preparing pizza. To make a good dough, you will need strong flour and, if you can find it, try 00 flour.






200 g (7 oz) flour

5 g (0.17 oz) fresh yeast

8 g (0.28 oz) salt

100 g (3.50 oz) water


Pour the flour into a bowl, heat up part of the water (25 g), dissolve the yeast with the help of a spoon, place it in a bowl with the flour and knead it with your hands. Add the rest of the water and salt and continue kneading from the centre outwards until the dough comes away from the hands. Let it rest for 10 minutes and knead again until the dough is smooth. Put it again in a bowl and cover it with a cloth; let it ferment at room temperature for about three  hours until the dough doubles in volume.

Very important: Don’t worry if the dough is not perfectly round when you roll it out. It is a question of practice and patience at first. We can also roll it out on the oven tray or place it on a round mould.

For the additional topping:


100 g (3.50 oz) tomato sauce

100 g (3.50 oz) buffalo mozzarella

4 green asparagus cut into pieces

¼ of an onion sliced in julienne


Spread the tomato over the dough. Be careful not to pour too much because the base may get too wet. Then spread out the finely cut mozzarella, asparagus and finish with the onion in julienne.


It’s important to have the oven preheated to maximum power. Pizzas are baked at a high temperature and in the shortest possible time. In Italy they use wood-burning ovens at about 500 º C (930º F) so they are ready in about a minute. In a domestic oven at 250 º C (480ºF), pizza takes between six and 10 minutes to bake.

Bake until the edges are golden and crisp. When I cook at home, I place it at the bottom of the oven, as the pizzas are baked on the floor. Once it’s ready, we can add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of oregano.


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