There are a thousand ways to plan a wedding and a thousand places to tie the knot, but thanks to its rich heritage, Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine can pride itself on being an extraordinary setting, with a wealth of spaces and ambiences, and capable of bringing together luxury and simplicity under one roof. This particular combination inspired Delphine and Amadeo to host one of the most special ceremonies we remember on the estate.

Born in Belgium and The Netherlands respectively, Delphine and Amadeo can be described as genuine globetrotters. After living in many countries, including Spain, and making good friends in different places, they knew that their guests would have to embark on a journey to be present at their wedding regardless of where it took place. “We both like Spain very much, we travel there frequently and we decided it would be there,” Delphine tells us by phone from London.

As they searched for a special place to bring together the 200 people with whom they wanted to share the celebration, a friend told them about Abadía Retuerta Le Domaine. They decided to spend a night at the hotel to see it first hand and the experience captivated them. “It was one of the last places we visited,” remembers the bride, “but we fell in love with its heritage, the tastefully restored old building, the mixture of tradition, history and modernity, and the luxurious but understated atmosphere. The service, moreover, was friendly and outstanding, with great attention to detail. We also liked the quality of its culinary offer, the location and the fact that it was surrounded by vineyards.”

Skydiving and plenty of candles

Theirs was not set to be a traditional ceremony. Their priority was to enjoy the weekend with friends and family. The estate and its surroundings gave them plenty of options to host parallel events, including a brave parachuting session the day before the wedding followed by a barbecue at a local bodega, or a farewell brunch on Sunday.

Cristina Garicano, hotel groups manager, describes the celebration as one of the greatest challenges they have ever faced, both in terms of the number of guests and the complexity of the set-up, which included the use of different spaces. Barcelona-based agency Toni Segui, in charge of organising the event, points out the outstanding help provided at all times by the hotel team, which made the job much easier.

The intimate ceremony requested by the bride and groom took place in the cloister garden, but dinner was served on the solemnity of the 12th century church. Toni Segui’s team softened the sobriety of the building’s medieval architecture with modern features and touches and a strong emphasis on transparencies: “Philippe Starck’s chairs were our ally in enhancing this environment,” they explain.

Methacrylate supports shaped like thin, slender tubes were erected to place candles that “provided depth and created a seductive atmosphere”. For Delphine, the moment she entered the church for dinner with all the candles burning was one of the most exciting of the evening. The layout of the long tables, resembling the way the monks sat for dinner in the monastery, was the finishing touch to a flawless ambience.

A toast with Selección Especial

The menu, painstakingly taken care of down to the last detail, included genuine Spanish products such as Ibérico pork, spicy peppers or a sophisticated reinterpretation of torrijas (bread pudding) for dessert.

Both Delphine and Amadeo are fond of fine cuisine and wines, and although they acknowledge that they are more familiar with French wines, they knew the reds of the Duero. Rioja and Ribera are our two favourite regions in Spain,” explains Delphine. “We had never tried Abadía Retuerta wines before, but we did a tasting and we loved them”.

At the wedding, along with a selection of Champagne and Pinot Noir wines supplied by the bride and groom, there was room for a Spanish sparkling wine, two whites from the neighbouring region of Rueda and Abadía Retuerta Selección Especial red wine that perfectly encapsulates the personality of our estate.

The night culminated with a spectacular party in the garden of the hotel to the sound of music. The stage and lighting were just like any outdoor concert. Another unforgettable moment for Delphine was the walk to the garden after dinner. “Not just the music, but the lights and the way the hotel was lit,” she recalls.

Some of the guests who stayed at the hotel during the celebration have returned to Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine, and Delphine and Amadeo plan to do so very soon. “It will not be possible for us to spend our first anniversary there because we have other commitments, but we will probably return this summer,” Delphine anticipates, eager to revive in person so many good memories.

The photos illustrating this piece were taken by Vlad Lodoabă, a wedding photographer who breaks away from the usual posing seeking instead to capture the most intimate, exciting and vibrant moments.



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