Strolling through the 700 hectares of the estate in which Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine is located is to travel more than 900 years of history that began in the 12th century, when the monks lived in the abbey that today gives its name to our hotel and our winery. Be informed about all the curiosities that are behind the walls and vineyards of this historical legacy through our logbook.

A tour of our small art gallery

Abadía Retuerta Le Domaine is full of little surprises. Art lovers will surely want to see some of the works that hang on the abbey's centuries-old walls contributing to reinforce the historical character of the building.  We invite you to discover some of the most...

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The 17 wines from 2019 that will not be released

If you are familiar with the wines of Abadía Retuerta, this headline will be rather surprising because our range is much smaller. But today we want to explain to you all the research that we undertake in each new vintage: this essential piece of R+D helps us to better...

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Picking grapes for a worthy cause

At Abadía Retuerta the harvest is a combination of nerves, excitement and meticulous work, but it also brings us a bunch of endearing moments. Undoubtedly, one of our favourites is picking grapes for Vendimia Solidaria, a wine that helps us raise funds every year for...

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A cultural route along the “Golden Mile”

The collection of illustrious names in the vicinity of the N-122 road between Tudela de Duero and Peñafiel is not confined to prestigious wineries such as Mauro, Abadía Retuerta, Pingus, Vega Sicilia, Finca Villacreces or Arzuaga. We take you on a journey of places to...

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Live the harvest like never before

The harvest is under way in many Spanish regions, but the continental climate of the Duero dictates that ours will have to wait until late September. If you have no plans for those dates, we recommend a unique experience to enjoy with family or friends.  Harvest time...

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We love our birds!

At Abadía Retuerta, we are interested in countless aspects concerning our estate: history, culture, architecture, crops... And, of course, its flora and fauna. In fact, our latest initiative is a bird guidebook featuring the most representative species living on our...

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Bringing back the monks’s vegetable garden

Is it possible to recover the flavours of the vegetables that were grown in Abadía Retuerta over eight centuries ago? This is the purpose of our new vegetable garden, planted in the same spot where the monks who inhabited this place in the 12th century had theirs. The...

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Gewürztraminer – the estate’s “secret” wine

Officially Abadía Retuerta produces only one white wine —one which makes us particularly proud. But backstage, the experimental creations of Ángel Anocíbar, our winemaker, also include new wines. This summer we encourage you to try the GW 2018 from the Winemaker's...

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The 2019 vintage is going well

No vintage is the same as the previous one. There are an infinite number of factors and conditions that have an impact on the quality and characteristics of the grapes we harvest each year. Luckily, our winemaker Ángel Anocíbar knows the area like the back of his...

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Learning about wine with The Terruño Academy

Last year, Abadía Retuerta launched The Terruño Academy. It is aimed at professionals, but the basic contents of this training programme are perfectly understandable for any consumer who wants to enjoy a glass of wine. One of the recurrent challenges of wine is that...

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A very special wedding

There are a thousand ways to plan a wedding and a thousand places to tie the knot, but thanks to its rich heritage, Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine can pride itself on being an extraordinary setting, with a wealth of spaces and ambiences, and capable of bringing together...

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This is how our last Vendimia Solidaria was made

We present in images the "making of" of our Vendimia Solidaria, the wine we have been producing since 2014 to help people or groups at risk of social exclusion. It is the youngest, most approachable and fruity of all the wines we make at Abadía Retuerta. The 2018...

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