Strolling through the 700 hectares of the estate in which Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine is located is to travel more than 900 years of history that began in the 12th century, when the monks lived in the abbey that today gives its name to our hotel and our winery. Be informed about all the curiosities that are behind the walls and vineyards of this historical legacy through our logbook.

Harsh winters in the Duero

The continental climate of the Duero usually translates into very cold winters that have a direct influence on the vineyard. We explain the beneficial effects of low temperatures and the "below zero" ranking in Abadía Retuerta. The harsh climate of the northern...

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Diving in the past

In March historian Patricia Andrés is set to finish her historical compilation  project. She has spent 18 months rummaging through various archives and documentary sources with the aim of reconstructing the past of Abadía Retuerta.I The work is very similar to...

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Gift ideas for wine lovers

There’s no better present for a wine lover than having the chance to try new wines or experiences usually outside their reach. At Abadía Retuerta, we have compiled six unforgettable and jaw-dropping gifts for Christmas. Wine can make a truly great present. Ultimately,...

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Three plans for Christmas

We have a bunch of very special ideas to share with you for the holidays. As well as putting at your disposal some of the most singular spaces in Abadía Retuerta for your Christmas meals, we have prepared a tailor-made experience pairing our wines with chocolate and...

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The names of our single-vineyard wines

Naming a wine is not easy. Beyond the fact that it might clash with brands that have previously been registered, the concept is always more substantial when there is a meaning behind it. In our case, the rich history of Abadía Retuerta has turned out to be an almost...

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A butler’s diary at LeDomaine

Ángel Molero is in charge of the team of butlers and room area at Abadía Retuerta Le Domaine and therefore always on hand to meet his clients’ requirements. We have asked him to take us through his day to day at the hotel and the lengths his team go to in order to...

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2018: a vintage for the selection table

After the early harvests of recent years, 2018 returns to the usual dates in the Duero area: “During the festivity of El Pilar [October 12th] and looking at the sky,” as our winemaker Ángel Anocíbar puts it. In this post, he tells us his first impressions of the 2018...

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Journey into mindfulness

Natura Bissé, one of our trusted brands at Santuario spa, chose Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine to present one of its most exclusive treatments. Four renowned women enjoyed The Mindful Touch experience in the midst of our outstanding property. The pine trees and vineyards...

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Our membership of Grandes Pagos and our terroir-driven tours

Would you fancy trying wines made by renowned producers from other Spanish regions in our winery? Now you can do exactly that thanks to the partnership with our friends at Grandes Pagos de España, an association that promotes single estate wines and of which we are...

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A walk through the Garden Museum

One of the most special -and lesser known- places in Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine is its Garden Museum. The collection of stone sculptures by German artist Ulrich Rückriem harmonises perfectly with the austere Duero scenery and, in a way, acts as an extension of the...

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Three exclusive rosés for our visitors

We have a very special treat at Abadía Retuerta this summer. Three different shades of rosé, ranging from a pale, Provence-style wine to the traditional clarete in Ribera del Duero and a third style in-between. If you want to try them you will have to visit us here or...

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Barbecues by the pool with Selección Especial 2015

This summer’s most fun and casual plan at Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine revolves around the barbecue and its sizzling embers installed by the pool. The perfect match in the glass is the new 2015 Selección Especial vintage, which has just been released. The swimming pool...

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All bets are off for the harvest

Around this time of the year, our vineyard staff keep a close eye on the plants and our winemaker Ángel Anocíbar starts to plan ahead for the harvest. It may seem a little premature from the outside, but we mustn’t forget that producers put all their eggs into one...

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Le Domaine 2017 arrives hand in hand with summer

There isn’t a better day to present the new vintage of Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine. The arrival of summer means warmer, more pleasant temperatures —that in itself deserves a celebration. Some lucky people might be on holiday right now. For those who have to wait, it’s...

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