Sculptures Garden Museum

A walk through the Garden Museum


One of the most special -and lesser known- places in Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine is its Garden Museum. The collection of stone sculptures by German artist Ulrich Rückriem harmonises perfectly with the austere Duero scenery and, in a way, acts as an extension of the ancient abbey walls. Continue Reading

Rosado Abadía Retuerta

Three exclusive rosés for our visitors


We have a very special treat at Abadía Retuerta this summer. Three different shades of rosé, ranging from a pale, Provence-style wine to the traditional clarete in Ribera del Duero and a third style in-between. If you want to try them you will have to visit us here or buy them in our online store. Continue Reading

Vineyard with summer light

All bets are off for the harvest


Around this time of the year, our vineyard staff keep a close eye on the plants and our winemaker Ángel Anocíbar starts to plan ahead for the harvest. It may seem a little premature from the outside, but we mustn’t forget that producers put all their eggs into one basket with every new vintage. Continue Reading

It’s wedding time!


There’s nothing better than helping couples from around the world to say “I do” in our abbey and to offer all our services —exclusive accommodation, haute cuisine, landmark reds from the Duero plus health and beauty spa treatments— to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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