About us

Respect and care for the environment and the existing historical and cultural legacy lies at the heart of the Abadía Retuerta winery’s corporate philosophy and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), that extend to each of its wine production processes.
These are our 5 pillars of CSR:



  1. 1. Responsibility to our past

Aimed at protecting and sharing the past, traditions, land, art and culture in ARLD’s environment with the generations of today and tomorrow.


2. Commitment to our employees

We are committed to our employees’ personal and professional development, motivation, involvement and initiative. We believe in transparent communication.


3. Care for our environment

Aware of ARLD’s privileged location, we work to keep, look after and protect the environment, natural resources and biodiversity, as well as social and rural development.


4. Excellence

Observation and innovation, perseverance and attention to detail make our products and services a unique experience for our customers.


5. Integrity

We see integrity as ethical, coherent behaviour and an expression of our values.