The Pure Air Bubble by Natura Bissé

A unique experience with Natura Bissé

Natura Bissé is a leading, innovative company in the luxury cosmetics sector. They have profound knowledge of skincare, and they understand that everybody’s skin is different and has its own voice. Therefore, with the aim of catering to the specific needs of each customer, the company develops beauty products and experiences with results that far exceed expectations. Discover this unique experience as a way to unwind and feel revitalised.

Discover the Pure Air Bubble

The Pure Air Bubble is an exclusive pop-up spa where guests can take a breather and let fresh air soothe their skin and senses. It will be available at Abadía Retuerta from 15th April to 5th May. Inside the Bubble, the air reaches 99.99% purity, free of contaminating particles and other viral, allergenic and bacteriological agents. In this environment, the rejuvenating power of the treatment is enhanced: the pure air does wonders for the skin, and heightens the overall experience.

A holistic and rejuvenating experience

The shape and design of the Bubble is inspired by the Mediterranean breeze, hinting at a holistic approach that seeks to connect with nature and bring about a sense of freshness and renewal. The combination of a rejuvenating facial treatment and the immersion in a purified atmosphere leads to a revitalising experience, for both skin and general wellbeing. Natura Bissé’s Pro-Youth Lifting Method adds a distinctive touch to the ritual, with surprising results promised. The idea of a 360-degree facial that harnesses pure air is very much in line with current trends in wellness and personal care.

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